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Anthony Anthamatten

Anthony Anthamatten

UI/UX Designer, Software Developer, Solutions Architect

I help organizations create technology solutions to do amazing things. It often surprises people when they learn how early my career began or how long I have been at it. And while technology and tools change at lightning speed, my job remains the same. I make complex things seem simple. As an architect, I break down problems into bite size pieces and solve complex puzzles.  

For over 20 years I have been a consultant to the Who’s Who of industry. My front row seat has given me a rare opportunity to see how great organizations work. I kept notes of the best ideas and several mistakes. It’s the reason the Fortune 100 trust me or small teams ask for my advice. I have been there before and willing to roll my sleeves anytime to help when things are tight. Trial-by-fire is how I earned my degree. It’s from experience no book or school can teach. The reward I received is not a piece of paper I hang on a wall. It is the knowledge I share to help others succeed.

I wear a lot of hats. You can call me leader, a student, a teacher, adviser, but most importantly friend. My resume is daunting, I admit. But see it with a skyscraper perspective. It’s not intended to brag or boast. It is a picture of my career that demonstrates record of success. I do not share it alone but with the many talented people I’ve had the privilege to meet and learn from along the way. 

This is a team sport. It is not about you or me. It’s about how we all contribute to doing something great. If you believe I may help you succeed, let’s share ideas. 



1997 – Present

UI/UX Designer, Software Developer, Solutions Architect

In this challenging occupation I have worked with the largest organizations and small teams create an unbelievable range of applications that help them do what they do best. To date I’ve worked on 57 projects with 24 clients in my role as a UI/UX designer, Full Stack Software Developer, and Architect. 

User interfaces I have designed are corporate standards for a several companies. I write code in multiple languages, experience with different databases and used technologies to many to list. I have created desktop, web, and mobile applications and worked in the cloud with AWS, Azure, and Google. I am experienced with CI/CD and unit tests. Code reviews and agile are a regular duties for me. I have also managed offshore teams and worked with peers around the world.


1992 – 1997

President / CEO

Founded a multimedia company at the age of 25 before the internet in 1992. My business plan acquired $30k in start-up capital which grew to an annual revenue of more $1M and built a staff of 12 artists, animators, programmers and sales personnel whom I trained.

The company created broadcast commercials, training videos and multimedia presentations including the first touchscreen applications for clients such as FedEx, Dover Elevator and City of Memphis. We began designing websites for companies in 1994.

I consider this to be one of my proudest accomplishments since many of my former team are leaders today. 


1984 – 1992

Graphic Artist / 3D Animator

My career in television began when I was 17 years old. It is where I used the first computers to do graphics and long before anyone heard of Photoshop. For 8 years I created graphics for three daily newscasts, special presentations and television commercials. I also designed printed sales and marketing materials from letter size to billboards before there was software I use today.

This experience taught me to think quickly, juggle multiple assignments, and missing deadlines is not an option.


1989 – 1992

Radio Producer

Produced the show “Saturday Night Hot Mix” for FM100. Mixed music for 197 3 hour programs.


Software Development: (C#, SQL, Java, C++, XML, C, Perl, Python, PHP, Objective-C, WPF, Win Forms)
Software Development 92%
Web Development: (HTML, CSS, SCSS, Angular, React, ASP.Net, JavaScript, Typescript, Frameworks)
Web Development 95%
Web Services: (C#, Java, JSON, REST, SOAP)
Web Services 82%
Database Development: (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Snowflake, SQL, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Tuning)
Database Development 74%
Dev Ops: (AWS, Azure, Google, CI/CD, Jenkins, Bamboo, Kubernetes, Docker)
Dev Ops 58%
Project Management:: (Agile, Planning, Grooming, Resource Requirements, Budgets, Time Management)
Project Management 94%
Mobile Development (Android, iOS, Xamarin, C#, Objective-C, HTML, JavaScript, Native, Hybrid, PWA)
Mobile Development 70%
Quality Assurance: (Unit Tests, UI Automation, User Testing, C#, Typescript, Karma, Jasmine, Protractor)
Quality Assurance 74%

Programming Languages


















University of Memphis

1989 -1990

Graphic Arts

State Technical Institute Memphis


Programming / Business Administration


I have had the privilege to work these and other outstanding organizations

Affiliations and Notes

  • Member of several online programs as part of my continuing education
  • Microsoft Partner since 2005
  • Speaker on  User Experience and Interface Design for Software Developers
  • Donate services to non-profits and charities I support
  • I was a proud member of the US Army
  • Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America

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