Anthony Anthamatten: UI/UX Designer, Software Developer, Technology Architect

These are some of the titles I go by in my career. But they seem overly glamourous and I’ll try to explain. I’m a guy who knows technology and done it before an iPod, iPhone or even the internet. 

I began doing 3D animation in 1986. There were no schools that taught it and those computers cost more than a home. But I was young and eager, found a book and taught myself how to write C++. I worked in television as a graphic designer. For eight years, everyday, I designed graphics on the first computers to do that. Photoshop wasn’t invented.

So I built a company called GrafxLab after that. The hardest work I’ve ever done was convince people what I saw at 25, before the internet. 

Touchscreen kiosks, cd rom, the internet. When I wrote the first web pages in ’94, you had a slow computer, AOL, and I learned Perl. Clients were happy to receive an email from a contact page. That was high tech back then and I was the one to help them do it.

So the story goes...

I have learned so many technologies throughout my career, I could teach the class. If you see my resume, it reads like War and Peace or Who’s Who. This is not about bragging. I paid the price to earn the trust of companies to help them do something better or new.

You can hire me.

I don’t have an ego about the things I do. But I can tell you, so many times somebody said they are better than me. If you are, that’s great and I will applaud you. But you spent millions of dollars and nothing is done and things are late, over budget and on fire? That’s when I come in to put the flames out, rally the troops and find sanity into the chaos of what we do.


My keys to success.

The people I enjoy working with most are business leaders. The CEO or any C-Suite person who has a stake in the game can trust me. I have built companies and failed. Those people put their reputation on the line. When the work I do means their success, it means mine also.

I would like to talk to you about a project.

Reach out. I enjoy hearing about things people are working on. And I hope you will laugh when you see my strong advice for recruiters and call center people who bug me all day about jobs. 

Background Heading

I've had the pleasure to work with amazing organizations with very talented people through my career.

(Thank You)

Here are a few of those projects