(It's not a job, it's an adventure)

Anthony Anthamatten

UI/UX Designer, Full-Stack Software Developer, Application Architect and Database Engineer. I have been a consultant to great organizations since 1997.

I am a visual artist

I create software that is easy to understand. Desktop Applications, Websites that get thousands of users a month, and Mobile Software for Android and iOS.


I speak many languages

As a full-stack Software Developer and Information Architect, I write code in many different languages… HTML, CSS, Angular, React, C#, Java, JavaScript, and SQL to name a few.

I work in the clouds

These days most of the software I write his hosted in the cloud by Google, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon AWS. No longer are we constrained by servers living in one location. We are able to deliver ElasticDynamic, and Fault Tolerant systems to deliver Performance customers need.