(It's not a job, it's an adventure)

What do you do for a living?

When asked what I do for a living, the answer depends on who I am talking to. Professionally (I assume they mean my day job) I tell them I am a UI/UX Designer and full-stack Software Developer (I don’t bother to tell them I am also an Application Architect and Database Engineer). I have been a consultant to great organizations since I began that role in 1997.

I am a visual artist

I ask them to open an app on their phone or what their favorite website is? I tell them, “I create software like that.” It’s easier to understand I Desktop Applications, Websites that get thousands of users a month, along with Mobile Software for Android and iOS.


I speak many languages

I do draw pretty pictures in layman terms. But I explain that I am also a full-stack Software Developer and Information Architect. My friend is confused further when I explain that I write code in many different languages… HTML, CSS, Angular, React, C#, Java, JavaScript, and SQL to name a few.

I work in the clouds

It am a dreamer. Great ideas live there. But these clouds in my professional life are managed by Google, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon AWS, among others. No longer are we constrained by servers living in one location. We are able to deliver ElasticDynamic, and Fault Tolerant systems to deliver Performance our customers need.

I create solutions

Software development is a puzzle. There are a million ways to do something wrong. But finding the perfect way to do it right is an art. Finding the best Solutions for the clients I work with and helping them streamline processes to be more efficient or profitable is why they Hire Me That is the ultimate reward.

I am a mentor

Sometimes it is hard to admit you are the oldest dog in the room. Yet, I have never forgotten I’ve gotten where I am today because of those before me who were kind enough to share their knowledge and patience with me. I have paid the price in thousands of hours pulling my hair to earn my Experience