Like an attic or an online garage, this vault is filled with odds and ends from my life.

Funny Photos

Anthony with the MPD photograph

I like cops (some of them) and I’ve taken photos with them all over the world. These two guys are my from my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. We took this photo on Beale Street.

Did You Know?

The musician, Prince famously held a lifetime of recordings in a secret vault at his studio and home, Paisley Park. People speculated throughout the years what gems of unheard music must be hidden there?

Making Music

Curious how music is made? I co-wrote “Push” with my brother Warner Anthamatten (Guitar) and me responsible for (Vocals/Lyrics). The second track is the studio version of the same song. It’s always fun when everything comes together when you gather a bunch of talented people in the studio.

Short Stories

As a writer, I occasionally pen short stories that are unrelated to my books and often silly enough to keep my chops up and maybe make someone laugh. 

When the elves decide to upgrade Santa Claus because they think he is boring and out of style, the head elf, Charlie loses his mind. 

Fun Facts

I’ve met a lot of celebrities throughout my career from Ali, Barry White, Sting, Waylon Jennings and so many others. But the funniest guy I met was Boy George. The van door opened when he arrived. He took one look at me and said, “You naughty boy.”

I Took Friends to Hell


Push - Demo and Studio Versions

We had recording time left and I didn’t want to waste it. So I asked my brother to do another song. When I told him what song I wanted to do, he gave me that look like, “Really, you want to do that one?” I said, “What’s the worst that can happen, it sucks?”

When I got home that night I posted what I was planning on social media and  offered my friends a chance to sing with me. 

19 friends showed up to sing the background vocals to, “Highway to Hell”. Fun way to drive my friends to hell.

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Highway to Hell


When I first met the band Take 6, I was amazed. What blew me away is when Mark sings “More than ever”. That song has cheered me up so many times and he told me it’s the hardest song he sings. If you ever have a chance to see that amazing band, they will blow you away. 

I love dogs

Blossom and Willard were with me for 16 years. The day I had to put my baby, Blossom down after a stroke is when you could have seen a grown man cry.

I have been a photographer since I was 13

This is a photograph of the band Genesis I shot when I was a teenager. I’ve been doing this a long time.

I am a Tennessee Titans fan

They are a fun team to watch. 

Fun Facts

My home in Nashville was east of the Titans stadium. During the National Anthem all kinds of aircraft would fly over and moments later they would be over my house. Once they flew a B-2 stealth bomber and as I looked up and saw that spooky batwing plane, I thought to myself, “This is going to be a very long day for you if you see this aircraft over your house and it’s not a football game.”

Local Artists

I enjoy supporting local artists and chef-owned restaurants.

I will do anything for friends

Twice I’ve been so hurt at the loss of a dear friend that I’ve gone into the studio and recorded a song for them. “Heaven Got Another Angel” was for my friend Shiloh Lane, a true rocker. I still miss that fun lady and this is the hardest song I’ve ever done.

I called my producer and said, “I need a piano player tonight”. We recorded this at 11:00 PM and I could barely get through it without breaking up thinking of her and the fun times we shared. I gave her mother a copy of the song at Shiloh’s funeral and told her mom how much I loved her daughter.

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Heaven Got Another Angel
Highway to Hell

Fun Facts

My career began in television when I was 17 years old.

My favorite Musicians

I love soul music. Too many artists to name that inspire me but Prince is probably my favorite. I followed his career from the beginning and DJ’d one song for him. Almost got kicked out of Delta State University for cranking up Darling Nikki at band camp with the other drummers.


Funny Story (Spoiler)

In a fight scene of Vengeance the characters dress like the Gap Band to break into a bar to get the guys they are chasing and none of the characters know how to dance but they get them in cool outfits and bad dance moves.