Anthony Anthamatten Neon Vault Sign

Welcome to the Vault

The musician Prince famously had a vault of unreleased music and never-before-seen items he kept from the public. This vault is where I will throw up  random things that don’t really fit into a category. Maybe I should call it the Garage or the Attic. That is the place I usually store things I want to save but never see for years.


I spent the morning at a butterfly exhibition at Memphis Botanic Gardens and set some of the photographs I shot to music celebrating these amazing creatures.

Supporting Local Artists

I support local artists and enjoy hanging their works in my home.

Artist Ron Olson presents Anthony Anthamatten with his Sun Studios painting

Anything for a friend

Shiloh Lane and I were dear friends. One morning I received a call informing me she had passed away. I was devastated by the news and phoned my producer and told him I needed a piano player for the night. I recorded “Heaven Got Another Angel” late that evening and could barely get through the song without crying. I presented it to her mother at the funeral.

Shiloh Lane Playing Drums
Shiloh Lane playing drums
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Heaven Got Another Angel
Highway to Hell

A Special Kiss

I have a heart for anyone who has bravely faced cancer and have a special place for women who have suffered from Breast Cancer, having lost several family members and friends to that terrible disease.

The photo below always makes me smile every time I see it. I met this lovely lady at the Memphis in May World Championship Barbeque contest. She told me she was wearing a wig because she was undergoing chemotherapy and had lost all her hair but it was really hot.

I convinced her to remove the wig. “Who cares what people say about your bald head!” Then I leaned over and gave her a kiss after she took it off. 

Anthony Anthamatten kissing a cancer patient
Anthony Anthamatten kisses a cancer patient

An Old Pair of Shoes

I founded my first company, GrafxLab, when I was 25 years old. For five years I worked 16 hour days and built that company to 12 people I was responsible for. It was the hardest and most rewarding thing I’ve done. When I had to make the difficult choice to shut it down, I kept an old pair of shoes I wore the soles off during that time to always remind me the many miles I walked in pursuit of a dream.

A pair of brown shoes Anthony Anthamatten saved to remind him how many miles he's walked
An old pair of shoes Anthony Anthamatten saved to remind him a difficult journey

Krazy Kids

I love children. They are honest and crazy. I swore when I grew up that I would never forget what it was like to be that wide-eyed and young. But as I look back, I never ate dogfood as my friends’ daughter below (although I did talk my little brother into eating dogfood once).

Ioana eating cat food


I was the lucky dad to Blossom and Willard. This brother and sister duo travelled with me everywhere. It broke my heart when I lost them within months of each other after 16 years of friendship.

Anthony Anthamatten's dogs Blossom and Willard

Young Start to a Career

I was 17 years old when I began my career working in television as a graphic designer and 3D animator. This photo makes me laugh when I see that baby face.

Badge and NBC shirt from Anthony Anthamatten


A reader of my novels once told me, “I feel like I know someone like every character in your books.” When I create a character, they are often drawn from people I know in real life, such as this friend who reminds me of the character “Brick” in Double Crossed.

Anthony Anthamatten standing with Joe Marsh
Anthony Anthamatten and Joe Marsh