My favorite music

I am a songwriter and singer, though I don’t claim to be a great one. I do it as a hobby. It’s a way I blow off steam.

But I have great admiration for those way better than me.

Here are a few I enjoy, who I consider to be great songwriters. (And to those of you I missed, I apologize. Send me some music and I will update this post).

JJ Grey

It is nice when friends turn you onto music. How JJ slipped past my radar, I won’t understand. But thanks to my friend Haley who turned me on this this swamp rat out of Florida. JJ does it right.

Shawn Mullins

Hard to make a living with a tour of coffee shops. Shawn keeps it real. Great songwriter.

Tracy Chapman

Forget money. Let’s write something straight from the heart. Thank you Tracy.


Many people do not appreciate the prolific songwriter Prince was. He write music straight from the heart. I listen to this song every Christmas.

Stephen Stills

Crosby, Stills, Nash & sometimes Young were brilliant. But in my opinion, Stephen nailed it as a songwriter.

Kenny Loggins

I am a huge fan of the movie Caddyshack. Kenny has written so many great songs for films and I still dance like that gopher.

Michael McDonald

This is one guy I would love to meet. Such a soulful singer and songwriter. This is how you do it.

Kirk Franklin

It’s funny that I refer to Kirk in my Double Crossed novels. He is the favorite singer of Stenson. Kirk keeps Gospel music real. Let’s stomp.

Take 6

I was not prepared when I was asked to photograph this band how incredibly talented this band is. No wonder they have won so many Grammy Awards. I will see this band every chance I get. Truly inspirational.

Stevie Wonder

Too many songs Stevie has written are my favorites. I saw him perform in Nashville and tripped when Dave Chapelle and Steven Tyler joined him on stage for “Superstition”

Rolling Stones

If the Stones producer was anything like mine, he probably said, “You want to do a song called Sympathy for the Devil?”

Otis Redding

My hometown is Memphis, Tennessee and “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” is one of Otis famous songs. But “Try a little tenderness” is one of my favorites. Thanks, Otis.

Jackie Wilson

There would be no Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, or James Brown if it wasn’t for Jackie Wilson. Not sure who wrote his music but the man was a remarkable talent.

B.B. King

When U2 comes to Memphis to record with you…. B.B. Was a legend.

Elvis Presley

Growing up in Memphis, my family would go to Graceland to see the Christmas lights Elvis put out.