Anthony Anthamatten

UI/UX Design

As a UI/UX designer, there are a many things that go into the thought process behind screens you click. The psychology behind it is a very important. Understanding the user and their environment which they interreact is fundamental to this job.

Anthony Anthamatten purple and chrome logo

Take my logo for example. AA is easier to say than “Anthony Anthamatten”. This is the psychology behind design. If you notice Anthony is less emphasized than my last name? My family name is much bigger than me. Colors and font styles convey meaning too. If I was selling hamburgers I would have made the logo red and yellow with lettuce on top.

Art Cards

My career began before computers. I created art on black cards when my career began at 17 years old working in television. I know how to kern type without computers and did page layouts with a stat camera.

Helping organizations look good.

Bank of America Palms 5 application designed by Anthony Anthamatten

Wireframes and Prototypes

I enjoy working with business leaders and customers to come up with great ideas. From wireframes I may scratch on a whiteboard to mockups they can test, it’s a fun job.

Wireframe Diagram of a Workflow

UU/UX design requires understanding disabilities

Laptop Desktop Tablet and Mobile Devices Displaying the FedEx FBO-ICE Application Designed by Anthony Anthamatten

One of my favorite projects was designing and programming the front-end of FedEx new payment processing software. There is so much you don’t see behind the scenes. The chief architect was blind. To work with him to understand how a person who is visually impaired sees a website through a screen reader gave me a much greater of appreciation for those tags I write most people will never see.

Rock poster with a yellow guitar.

Friends ask me sometimes if I will design something for them. I can whip up a rock poster promoting your band.