Anthony Anthamatten

Software Development

With more than 50 projects under my belt, I still enjoy writing code. While I am known more as a front-end designer, I also write software in multiple languages. C# and TypeScript are some of my favorites, but I also write others such as Java, PHP, Python, SQL, and more.

Visual Studio code interface

Angular and React

Angular is one of the tougher frameworks to learn, but it is great for an all-in-one single page application. I also work with React which is another nice framework for user interfaces.

Angular code inside the Visual Studio Code application

Web Services

I enjoy writing web services. They can be called from your car, refrigerator, mobile device or a web application. How we consume data has come a long way.

Swagger Web Services interface

Database Development

Everything is driven by data. I’ve worked with many databases from SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, Snowflake and others. Foreign keys, primary keys, normalization, and backups. Probably the most important thing I do is protecting people’s data. I’ll encrypt it and you’ll need a Quantum computer and a 10,000 years before you’ll ever get data from something I designed.

SQL Server Management Studio showing a schema

SQL Coding

Since I am primarily known as a front-end developer, some don’t realize I write sophisticate SQL code too.

An example of SQL code by Anthony Anthamatten

When you put all the ingredients of software development together, you can do great things.

Software Saving Lives

Writing the Human Leukocyte Antigen project for St. Jude was amazing. To have the opportunity to work with top medical professionals to find the best blood donors for children was priceless.

Screen shot for the Human Leukocyte Antigen Project for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Whatever you can dream

A client said he needed software that would enable his customers to send paper documents and scan them and file. No problem.

Screen shot of custom scanning software written by Anthony Anthamatten


RedPlus UI

A client needed a way to log in to a secure website and download info from a mortgage site. No problem.


Screen shot of the control panel for the D.O.T. data import interface developed by Anthony Anthamatten

This was a fun project. My client needed updated insurance information for the truckers he was funding. At the time, the department of transportation only had the information available every 90 days. So I picked up the phone and called the database guy at DOT and asked him to give me a FTP file on a daily basis. Problem solved.

Different industries

A screen shot from the Lexon Surety Agency Management System developed by Anthony Anthamatten

I learn so much in this job. I didn’t know much about the bond industry until I helped Lexon.

Mechanical design

CATO application screenshot for Diakonia designed by Anthony Anthamatten

You can ask me to help you write whatever software. I bet there are conveyors shipping our Amazon packages right now.

Making complicated easy

If you can dream it, I can write it. I write C#, Java, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, Perl, or Ruby.