Anthony Anthamatten

Technology Projects

Reports framework created by Anthony Anthamatten for Triskelle Solutions
Custom Reports Framework
Education / State Government

Angular Reports for Web & Print

Triskelle Solutions Knoxville, TN (2021 – 2022)
UI Designer / Software Developer

Triskelle Solutions is a developer of software used by state education departments across the U.S. to track the progress of children with special needs. I assisted the organization by designing reports for the State of Colorado. 

A challenging requirement was creating HTML versions of 30+ documents that precisely matched documents already in use by the state in printed form from Microsoft Word or PDF formats. The reports were also required to support English and Spanish languages.

The portal interface was developed in Angular 8 with backend web services written in C# and hosted in the cloud from Microsoft Azure which provided data population and report rendering from Razor Light templates I developed.

To efficiently accomplish these tasks, I designed a custom CSS (SASS) report framework that extended Bootstrap 4 to provide consistent layouts, common styles for elements, and adding support for pageable elements such as headers and footers, page numbers, and intelligent breaking long tables.

The strategy reduced the time it took to create original HTML layouts, test, and code each report template adding additional C# markup and data-binding with Entity Framework.

Trimble Construction Analytics on Mobile Phone, Desktop, and Tablet designed by Anthony Anthamatten
Trimble Construction Analytics
Data Analytics

Construction Data Analytics

Trimble, Inc. Knoxville, TN (2020 – 2021)
Senior Software Developer

Developed a cloud-based data analytics application for an industry leader in the construction space. Responsibilities included writing an Angular application, which included global authentication, Snowflake database running on AWS, web micro services using. .Net core web api. Taking part in daily team stand-up meetings and planning the future were part of my day. I performed code reviews and mentored junior developers and interns. Designed and developed the Android and iOS mobile versions of the product using Xamarin and Xcode.0 

myNexus UI Redesign by Anthony Anthamatten
myNexus UI Design
Healthcare / Patient Management

myNexus Home Health 3.0

myNexus Nashville, TN (2018- 2019)
Software Developer / UI Designer

Team member responsible for User Interface improvements and creation of new features for the myNexus Home Health Portal version 3.0. Developed new application modules for Letter Log, Fax Solution and New Authorizations. The project was developed using the Angular 6.0 framework with integration of Microsoft .Net Core Web API services running in the Azure cloud environment. Extensive use of branching strategies using GIT, Microsoft DevOps services and Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CICD). Agile project that included daily interaction with the offshore team.

eCommerce / Shipping

FedEx Billing Online (FBO-ICE)

FedEx Memphis, TN (2018)
UI Architect / Lead UI Software Developer

Designed the new FedEx Billing Online (FBO) web application for FedEx, which is an online next-generation payment portal that supports all the organization’s companies worldwide. The payment portal comprises two Angular 5 web applications, COP and HOPE. COP is an invoice lookup and verification application that works with HOPE to process credit card, EFT, PayPal, and Amex Checkout payments. Both applications are designed with mobile-first responsive interfaces. Furthermore, HOPE can be hosted independently by any of the FedEx companies wishing to process payments. The application is PCI and ADA compliant and supports 17 languages and 21 currencies. It was developed using Test Driven Development principles in an Agile environment. Architecturally, the backend system uses all new cloud-based web services developed in Java. It uses continuous integration, automated testing with over 400 individual unit tests and deployment to seven environments from development, testing and production.

JDResources Website Redesign by Anthony Anthamatten
JDResources Website Redesign
Human Resources / Recruiting

I.T. Recruiting Website

JD Resources Memphis, TN (2017)
Designer / Developer

Designed and developed a WordPress website for an Information Technology recruiting firm, which included 15 custom templates. Besides the website, I also developed a Web API web service to access the company’s internal SQL Server database containing open jobs. Several methods exported data in JSON which was then consumed within the WordPress site to allow users to view, search and apply for jobs. The technologies involved in developing this project were HTML, SASS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, C#, ASP.Net Web API, SQL Server and JSON.

Ernst & Young Angular Interface designed by Anthony Anthamatten
Ernst & Young Angular Interface

EY Acquisition Manager

Ernst & Young Charlotte, NC (2017)
Angular Developer / UI Designer

Designed and developed an Angular 2 web application prototype for Ernst & Young. Designed HTML interfaces, created mock JSON data and coded the solution using JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX and the Angular 2 framework. Concept to completion was one week.

Bank of America Palms 5 application designed by Anthony Anthamatten
Bank of America Palms 3
Banking / Risk Assessment

PALSM.3 Balance Sheet Management Application

Bank of America Charlotte, NC (2016-2017)
Senior Software Developer / UI Designer

Member of a team to help develop modules for the PALMS.3 Balance Sheet Management application for Bank of America. The application provides tools to create and analyze various risk scenarios for a banking portfolio containing more than $4.4 trillion in assets. The technologies involved included WPF, C#, Prism Framework, SQL Server and Telerik controls.

Screenshot from the dashboard of the GL2.TImesheet web application designed by Anthony Anthamatten
GL2.Timesheet Dashboard
Human Resources

GL2.Timesheet - Angular (Cloud Edition)

GL2 Nashville, TN (2016)
Architect / Lead Software Developer / UI Designer

Designed and developed a web-based SaaS time tracking application hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The application supports multiple customers, companies, clients, projects, tasks and users. Written in ASP.NET, MVC, Web API, Angular and React with SQL Server 2016 as the supporting data source.

Deloitte Outlook Plugin designed by Anthony Anthamatten
Custom Microsoft Outlook Plugin

Custom Microsoft Outlook Plugin

Deloitte Nashville, TN (2016)
Architect / UI Designer

Designed and developed a custom Microsoft Outlook plugin that allows over 4,000 users to access corporate email templates from a single click on Microsoft Outlook toolbar. Templates are downloaded from a Microsoft SharePoint website which allows template creators to update templates for all users in a central repository. I also created an InstallShield self-installer which is pushed to clients by the company’s deployment team. The technologies used for this project were VSTO, WPF and MVVM design pattern.

IdentoGO Logo
U.S. Government

TSA Workstation for U.S. Passport & State Driver's License Issuance

MorphoTrust­ Nashville, TN (2015-2016)
Senior Software Developer / UI Designer

Member of a large team responsible for developing applications for the United States Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) to issue U.S. passports and 43 U.S. States to issue driver’s licenses.

The applications, with over 750 installations in the United States, captures resident information and biometric data using a variety of peripherals such as fingerprint scanners, card readers, cameras and signature pads.

Once captured, the information and resulting files are encrypted and transferred to the authorities, including the FBI through secure channels.

Applications were developed using WPF and MVVM architecture. Web Services were used to communicate with backend databases. My direct involvement in the project was to create a Fingerprint Scanning Simulator, User Interface interactivity for dual screen monitors (one for the TSA agent and another for the customer) which include different views, and creating a Folio.Tools application written in ASP.Net and C# with SQL Server cloud-based database in Azure used for testing and validating encrypted data.

Uluru Payments designed by Anthony Anthamatten
Uluru Payments Web Interface

Online Payment System

Transformations, Inc. Franklin, TN (2015)
Architect / Software Developer / UI Designer

Designed and developed an online payment system for the Company’s existing product, Uluro. I created the user interfaces in HTML 5 / CSS / jQuery. They provide real-time updates of fees depending on payment options selected via AJAX requests. The underlying architecture I designed and wrote supports various payment processors through the dependency injection of C# classes. I created the database structure, stored procedures and views for SQL Server 2012 databases. I also developed unit tests which were used to receive PCI compliance certification from Vantiv, the payment processor. I also wrote a Windows service to process future and recurring payments, update ACH status for check payments and send audit information to Transformations from each of the client sites through JSON packages sent to a Web API which I also developed.

CATO application screenshot for Diakonia designed by Anthony Anthamatten
CATO Application for Diakonia

Conveyor Configurator (CATO)

Diakonia Conveyor Manufacturing Franklin, TN (2014-2015)
Architect / Software Developer / UI Designer

Member of a small team which developed Windows Forms application that allows sales personnel and outside customers design a conveyor. Developed the Chutes portion of the application and a custom launcher including a splash screen. Technologies: Windows Forms, C#, T-SQL, XML, and WCF.

Screenshot of the Folio Tools web application for Diakonia designed by Anthony Anthamatten
Home screen Interface for Diakonia's parts management web application

Parts Maintenance Application

Diakonia Conveyor Manufacturing Franklin, TN (2014-2015)
Architect / Software Developer / UI Designer

Designed and developed a web-based application for managing over 24,000 different parts and part types. The application also includes User, Customer and database management. Written in ASP.Net, User Controls, C#, SQL Server, jQuery, and CSS.

Screenshot of the Online Ordering Page of the Uniguest website designed by Anthony Anthamatten
Uniguest Merchant Online Ordering Website
E-Commerce / Hospitality

Online Ordering Application

Uniguest Franklin, TN (2014)
Designer / Developer

Developed a web-based ordering application which allows Crowne Plaza Hotel managers to order products and services from Uniguest. Written in C#, ASP.Net with extensive use of JavaScript and jQuery to auto-populate forms. The application emails Uniguest and the customer email confirmations.

A screen shot from the Lexon Surety Agency Management System developed by Anthony Anthamatten
Lexon Surety Agency Management System application
Financial Services / Bond Market

Agency Management System

Lexon Surety Group Mt. Juliet, TN (2013-2014)
Senior Software Developer / UI Designer

Designed and developed a business application for a national insurance bond company which imported data from a 3rd party application and provided tools for adding additional information and an interface between the company’s internal business applications. 

This application consisted of a WPF application that ran with or without a user interface depending on startup switches which could be managed as an automated scheduled task to perform import functionality. 

An ASP.Net web application provided administrative and management tools to view, edit or add information. It also provided a mechanism for retrieving data from five separate SQL data stores.

Technologies included: Vertafore, BondPro, WPF, ASP.Net, XML, C#, Entity Framework, SQL Server, stored procedures and
scheduled tasks, AJAX and JavaScript.

Lexon Surety Direct Collect Splash Screen designed by Anthony Anthamatten
Lexon Surety Direct Collect
Financial Services / Bond Market

Direct Collect

Lexon Surety Group Mt. Juliet, TN (2013-2014)
Senior Software Developer / UI Designer

Designed and developed an application which gathers delinquent accounts from the company’s management system and generates an Excel workbook which can be imported into QuickBooks Online, a system used by the Collections organization. The format imported generates invoices with line-item detail specific to the company’s needs. Additionally, an export from QuickBooks into an Excel workbook with import functionality into the company’s four SQL databases per account was also created. Technologies: ASP.Net, C#, Excel Interop Objects, Entity Framework, SQL Server.

Tennessee Housing Development Agency Hardest Hit Fund Interface designed by Anthony Anthamatten
Hardest Hit Fund for Tennessee Housing Development Agency
State of Tennessee

Hardest Hit Fund

Tennessee Housing and Development Agency Nashville, TN (2012)
Senior Software Developer / UI Designer

Developed web and WPF applications for managing the communication between the client and mortgage servicers which use Excel spreadsheets in a format specified by the United States government. The application manages the import, export and views of financial information throughout a customer’s participation in the government program. Technologies: C#, Entity Framework, WPF, ASP.Net MVC, SQL Server, Mitas mortgage system.

Home Screen from the Tennessee Housing Development Agency Weatherization Application designed by Anthony Anthamatten
State of Tennessee

Weatherization Application

Tennessee Housing and Development Agency Nashville, TN (2012)
Architect / Senior Software Developer / UI Designer

Redesigned and rewrote an external-facing web application that provides subscriber agencies with the ability to take part in the Weatherization program for the Tennessee Housing Development Agency. Technologies included: C#, Entity Framework, ASP.Net, JavaScript, DevExpress controls.

American Residential Systems Ad Manager designed by Anthony Anthamatten
American Residential Systems Ad Manager
Online Advertising

Online Advertising Tracking Software

American Residential Systems (ARS) Nashville, TN (2012)
Architect / Senior Software Developer / UI Designer

Designed and developed a web-based application for managing online advertisements for American Residential Systems. 

The software was written in ASP.Net, HTML, CSS, C# using a SQL Server database and Entity Framework. It allows franchisees to select advertisements and the sites they wish to advertise along with setting budgets. Links were auto-generated and provides a robust reporting and communications platform. 

Screenshot from Goodwill Career Solutions designed by Anthony Anthamatten
Goodwill Career Solutions

Website Conversion to CMS

Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee Nashville, TN (2011)
Designer / Developer

Migrated two static websites to Joomla 1.7. Created custom Joomla 1.7 templates, including PHP coding. Technology: Joomla! 1.7, MySQL, PHP.

Examples of automation solutions for Kele, Inc. developed by Anthony Anthamatten
Automation Solutions for Kele, Inc.
Finance / Manufacturing

Automation for Accounting & Shipping

Kele, Inc. Nashville, TN (2010-2011)
Senior Software Developer

Developed seven business applications to automate accounting processes, calculate shipping costs, and prepare various file formats for exchanging information with external companies. Several applications automated logging into external servers and downloading data using FTP and SFTP

Applications were written as stand-alone Microsoft Windows programs, which could be run with or without a user interface as automated processes and others as ASP.Net web-based applications. Technology: C#, VB.Net, WPF, ASP.Net, LINQ, TSQL, HTML, AJAX.

Screenshot from Universal Dance Association Registration Tracker
United Spirit Association Registration Tracker

Invoice Tracking System

Varsity Brands Memphis, TN (2009-2010)
UI Designer / Software Developer

Created an invoice tracking system used by multiple websites for Varsity Brands, the leader in high school and college cheerleading and dance programs. The application was converted from VB.Net to C# language. Developed web services to retrieve data from XML with storage in SQL Server.

Screenshot from the UT Medical Group Surgery Electronic Medical Records Application designed by Anthony Anthamatten
Surgery EMR - New Provider Screen
Medical / Patient Management

Ear, Nose, Throat Surgery Application

UT Medical Group Memphis, TN (2009-2010)
Architect / Software Developer / UI Designer

Redesigned web-based PHP/MySQL application used to record patient medical history for UT Medical Group’s Ear, Nose and Throat surgery research. The electronic medical records (EMR) application provides tools for tracking patient medical history and the personnel who interact with patients. It also provides extensive reporting and import/export capabilities. The new platform was developed with the ASP.Net/SQL Server. Extensive use of AJAX, JavaScript and DHTML in the user interface with C# language, LINQ-To-SQL, and SQL Server stored procedures.

Screen Capture from Barnhart Crane & Rigging Transportation Logistics Application designed by Anthony Anthamatten
Barnhart Crane & Rigging Transportation Application

Transportation Management System

Barnhart Crane & Rigging Memphis, TN (2009)
Architect / Designer / Software Developer

Architect and developer of an ASP.Net web application to manage transportation logistics. Technologies included C#/ASP.Net, AJAX, DHTML, JavaScript, SQL Server, Bing Maps and PDF files. Images were stored in the database and rendered on the fly. Application supports dual security via database or LDAP authentication. Designed custom drill-down reports. Website functionality based on roles and user security.

Screen shott from Pangaea Mobility website designed by Anthony Anthamatten
Bi-Lingual Website for Pangaea Mobility
Telecom / Marketing

Bi-Lingual E-Commerce Site

Pangaea Mobility Memphis, TN (2008 – 2009)
Designer / Software Developer

Designed and developed a bi-lingual E-Commerce website in PHP and MySQL for sim card sales in China. The website detects the user’s country of origin and displays the appropriate website for the viewer’s language. Bi-Lingual marketing materials were created. Technology included AJAX form processing with credit card processing. Banner advertising was designed using Adobe tools. The ASP.Net administration console accessed the website’s database in real-time reporting and sales.

Sparks fly in this screenshot of the NTA logo from a video created for a tradeshow for the National Transportation Alliance by Anthony Anthamatten
Screen Shot from the National Transportation Alliance Video Created by Anthony Anthamatten
Transportation / Marketing

Trade Show Presentation

National Transportation Alliance Memphis, TN (2008)
Designer / Developer

Acquired voice over talent to read copy provided by the client, edited voice over and prepared audio mix with music, designed and animated 3D logo and graphics, edited the final HD video presentation for at that was played in a loop at the customer’s trade show.

Screen shot of the Desoto County, Mississippi website design created by Anthony Anthamatten
Desoto County Home Page

Website Redesign for Joomla!

DeSoto County, Mississippi Government Desoto County, MS (2008)
Designer / Developer

Prepared composite illustrations of a new website design and refined the design with the client. Created static HTML version of the website with CSS. Developed custom PHP Joomla template, and integrated customer content.

Screen shot of the Goodwill of Middle Tennessee website designed by Anthony Anthamatten
Goodwill of Middle Tennessee Website

Static Website to CMS Conversion

Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee Nashville, TN (2008)

Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee Nashville, TN (2008)
Designer / Developer

Converted an existing website for Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee to Joomla, an open-source CMS platform, enabling non-technical personnel to manage and update the website easily. The solution developed using PHP and MySQL. UI and modules were customized for the client. Project included training and documentation.

Screen capture from Vining Sparks bond application created by Anthony Anthamatten
Vining Sparks Bond Application
Finance / Bond Market

Web-Based Bond Information System

Vining Sparks Memphis, TN (2007)
Designer / Developer

Developed a web-based solution for viewing bond information as a replacement to Windows desktop software. Technologies included: ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server, AJAX, DHTML, and JavaScript.

Screen shot of FedEx SharepPoint site created by Anthony Anthamatten
FedEx Global Security SharePoint Site
Corporate Intranet

SharePoint Customization

FedEx Memphis, TN (2007)

Created custom SharePoint templates with themes and master pages for a more than 100 SharePoint Services sites for FedEx Global Security.

Screen shot from PowerTrack system developed by Anthony Anthamatten
PowerTrack Application Interface

Payment Processing and Management System

PowerTrack / US Bank Nashville, TN (2006-2007)

Assisted with the design and development of the PowerTrack Operations Suite, a Windows-based client/server application written in WPF and C#. Extensive use of web services provided by a SQL Server back-end.

Screenshot from the OWAN 2000 project created for 21st Century Oncology
OWAN for 21st Century Oncology

Electronic Medical Records Application

21st Century Oncology Ft. Myers, FL (2006)
Software Developer / UI Designer

Assisted a team with the development of a Windows Forms application to manage electronic medical records for a leader in radiation therapy with 180 clinics in the United States. This application used C# and WPF with forms compiled as individual libraries and stored as binaries that were dynamically loaded from SQL Server databases.

Carrier CES Supervisor Panel
Carrier CES Supervisor Interface
Manufacturing / Scheduling

Manufacturing Workflow Application

Carrier Corporation Memphis, TN (2005-2006)
Architect / Software Developer / UI Designer

Designed and developed a manufacturing workflow application for Carrier Corporation that manages the production of air conditioning coils for manufacturing plants. Supervisors can schedule production for multiple lines and shifts from workstations positioned around the manufacturing floor from web-based intranet applications. Schedules are instantly communicated to personnel on production lines. Live reporting of production status with quality-control metrics are broadcast on monitors appearing at the front and end of each of nine assembly lines. The technologies included: ASP.Net, VB.Net, AJAX, and Crystal Reports.

Screen shot from the Carrier CES application developed by Anthony Anthamatten
Carrier CES Offload Application
Manufacturing / Control Systems

Manufacturing Production Software

Carrier Corporation Memphis, TN (2005)
Senior Software Developer / UI Designer

Created a Microsoft Windows application that operates on 14 workstations within an air conditioning manufacturing facility at the front and backend of seven production lines. These workstations provide real-time interaction with PLC devices and relay information to SQL server databases, allowing supervisions real-time access to manufacturing performance. The technologies used were Windows forms, VB.Net, and SQL Server databases in three environments.

EFS Electronic Funds Transfer
EFS Electronic Funds Transfer
Corporate / Finance

Electronic Funds Transfer

EFS Memphis, TN (2004)
Architect / Software Developer

Developed Microsoft Windows Service, Windows forms control panel application, web-based administration application in to automate fund transfers via FTP. Application stored data in SQL Server and Lotus Notes databases.

Screen shot of the control panel for the D.O.T. data import interface developed by Anthony Anthamatten
D.O.T. Automated Data Importer Interface
Government / Transportation

Automated Data Import

United States Department of Transportation Washington, DC (2004)
Architect / Software Developer / UI Designer

Worked with the United States Department of Transportation to create a system to gain commercial truck driver status daily, which was previously only available every 90 days. The project comprised of a scheduled Windows Service, Control Panel application, and ASP.Net web interface for generating custom mailing lists. The Department of Transportation made available a download that was accessible from a secure FTP server. Technologies included C#, SQL Server, Lotus Notes and SFTP.

Screen shot of custom scanning software written by Anthony Anthamatten
Custom Scanning Software
Corporate / Document Management

Custom Scanning and Document Management Solution

National Bankers Trust Memphis, TN (2003)
Architect / Software Developer / UI Designer

Developed custom scanning application which reads barcodes, stores images in multi-page Tiff format by customer. Developed a wizard for Microsoft Word for generating barcodes. Technologies: Windows forms, C#, ASP.Net.

Screen shot of custom backup software developed by Anthony Anthamatten
Custom Backup Software Control Panel
Backup Utilities

Custom Backup Software

National Bankers Trust Memphis, TN (2003)
Architect / Software Developer / UI Designer

Created a custom backup application for archiving image files based on specific customer requirements. Technologies:, Windows Services, custom control panel, SQL Server.

Screenshot from the dashboard of the GL2.TImesheet web application designed by Anthony Anthamatten
GL2.Timesheet Dashboard
Human Resources


GL2 Corporation Memphis, TN (2003)
Software Developer / UI Designer

Developed commercial time-tracking application. Technologies: ASP.Net, AJAX, C#, SQL Server, Windows Taskbar application.

Image of the schema from the Pay-Per-Click application
Database Schema from the Pay-Per-Click tracking software
E-Commerce / Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Nationwide Card Services  Memphis, TN (2002-2003)
Software Developer / Architect

Member of a team which re-designed a pay-per-click advertising management system allowing website owners to host credit card advertising on their sites and receive commissions through clicks and approved customers.

Configured Clustered Windows Servers to host the application and deliver advertisements. Technologies used for the the web-based administration console were ASP.Net, VB.Net, and  SQL Server.

Screen capture of the online banking application designed for National Bankers Trust by Anthony Anthamatten
National Bankers Trust Online Banking
Financial Services

Online Banking

National Bankers Trust Memphis, TN (2002)
Architect / Software Developer / UI Designer

Designed an online banking application for specialty financial company. The website interfaced with Lotus Notes, Domino Server using Html, JavaScript and web services.

Control panel screen shot for the Conveyor Management System designed by Anthony Anthamatten for DK Publishing
Conveyor Management System Control Panel
Warehouse Logistics

Warehouse Conveyor Management System

DK Publishing Nashville, TN (2001-2002)
Software Developer / Database Engineer

Designed a system for controlling packages on a 3-story conveyor system to stop at each location for pick and pack operations at a large book publisher.

Quality control tests package weights before from expected values for each book and quantity from values stored in SQL databases. Packages are then forwarded to one of 11
shipping lanes for various carriers.

Technologies included: SQL Server, ASP.Net, Windows Services, and PLC controls.

Screen shot from TruGreen Vehicle and Asset Management software designed by Anthony Anthamatten
TruGreen Vehicle Ordering and Management System
Inventory Management

Vehicle Order and Asset Management

TruGreen/ChemLawn Memphis, TN (2001)
Architect / Software Developer / UI Designer

Created a system for managing vehicle orders, equipment, and customization for 450 locations across the United States. Developed custom reports with technologies that included ASP.Net and SQL Server.

Screen shot for the Transplant Gene Therapy application for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Transplant Gene Therapy Application (1999)
Healthcare Research

Clinical Trials Medical Research Application

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Memphis, TN (1999-2001)
Software Developer / UI Designer

Member of a 3-person team that developed software to track Clinical Trials for Transplant Gene Therapy at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Innovative DNA modification to cure children’s cancer. Technologies included Java, JSP, Oracle, HTML, CSS.

Screen shot for the Human Leukocyte Antigen Project for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Human Leukocyte Antigen Project for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Healthcare Research

Blood Donor Matching Software

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Memphis, TN (1999)
Architect / Software Developer / UI Designer

Developed software for locating blood donor matches for children at St. Jude using a series of algorithms developed by researchers. This project received FDA approval as a medical device to save children’s lives. Technologies: Java, JSP, Oracle, Windows Forms.

NERS interface for BellSouth designed by Anthony Anthamatten
Network Event Reporting System (NERS)

Network Event Response System (NERS)

BellSouth (AT&T) Memphis, TN (1998-1999)
Software Developer / UI Designer

Developed the Network Escalation Reporting System for BellSouth (AT&T), which tracks critical outage events and escalates through a series of tiers. Technologies: Java, Java Servlets, Oracle.

OWAN 2000 Interface designed by Anthony Anthamatten
Oncology Wide Area Network (OWAN 2000)
Healthcare Diagnostics

Oncology Wide Area Network Software

Radiation Therapy Services Ft. Myers, FL (1998)
Architect / Software Developer / UI Designer

Designed and developed Oncology Wide Area Network (OWAN 2000) software, a web-based electronic medical records system. Also created custom scanning software. Technologies: ASP, SQL Server, custom web-browser with security to protect patient information.

Web Template for EHC
One of the website templates created for EHC
Healthcare / CMS

Dynamic Website Creation Software

EHC/HCA Franklin, TN (1998-1999)
Software Developer

Member of a team that developed software for creating hospital websites using a custom SGML markup language. Technologies also included ASP, and SQL Server.

Mapping Software designed by Anthony Anthamatten for Smart Data Strategies
Web Interface of GIS Mapping software for Smart Data Strategies (1998)

GIS Mapping Software

Smart Data Strategies Franklin, TN (1998)
Software Developer / UI Designer

Designed and developed the company’s first online GIS viewer software. Technologies: Java, JSP, JavaScript, Oracle, ESRI GIS components.

VP Buildings Web Application Interface
VP Buildings Web Application Interface
Manufacturing / Construction / Planning

Manufacturing Workflow with 3D Layouts

VP Buildings Franklin, TN (1997)
Software Developer / UI Designer

Member of a team who developed the organization’s online project tracking system used for designing prefabricated commercial buildings with the assistance of 3D models. Technologies included Visual Basic, ASP, and SQL Server.