Hobbies & Interests


Blues, Soul, and Rock and Roll filled the soundtrack of my youth growing up in Memphis, TN.  People mention Elvis Presley when they learn of my hometown.  But the musician who influenced me the most was my uncle, Tony Rossini, who was a singer and recorded at Sun Records at the same time as Elvis.

13 year old Tony Rossini recorded as many songs on Sun Records  as Elvis Pressley

Music Runs in the Family

Many members of my family are gifted musicians. My uncle, Tony Rossini, was a talented singer and child sensation when he began recording on Sun Records in Memphis, Tennessee around the same time as Elvis Presley. 

I joined the marching band.

 The high school I attended was brand new.  I tried out for our football team the first year and suprisingly made the roster. After getting mauled everyday in practice and riding the bench all year, I decided football was not for me.

Our school announced they were forming a marching band. Since my illustrious football career was cut short, I auditioned.  Some people chose flute or clarinet. Others chose trumpet or trombone. I chose the drums.

Take One
Rub It In
Highway to Hell
Remember the Good Times
Heaven Got Another Angel