I used lawn mowing money to buy my first Pentax 1000 camera when I was 13 years. School newspaper, annual staff, then staff photographer at a tv station where I have photographed my share of celebrities. To this day I enjoy capturing special moments in life.

The band Genesis on stage with multi-color lights raining down in the background
Genesis Live (1982)

"As a kid, I used to sneak my camera into concerts and photograph bands when there were signs posted everywhere stating photography wasn't allowed. Today bands give me backstage passes and pay me."

-Anthony Anthamatten

Vanna White smiling at a microphone during a radio interview
Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune during a radio interview (1990)

"I've shot a lot of celebrities and most are down to earth. I know how important their image is and they trust me."

-Anthony Anthamatten

Fun kids (2012)

"Kids are always fun to photograph. When did we lose that silliness as adults?"

-Anthony Anthamatten

Couples (2014)

"I hate shooting weddings. Too many photos. Too many people with their eyes closed . Too much retouching. But I enjoy photographing couples in love."

-Anthony Anthamatten