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Anthony Anthamatten

Let's Work Together

I have been a software developer, designer, and solutions architect for many years. It has been a pleasure working on important projects for large organizations.

But I have also been a business owner and understand small businesses don’t have the same resources as big companies. That does not mean you must compromise quality to receive the same professional results at a budget you can afford.

How May I Help You?

I have a number of skills in my toolbox and would be happy to help you with:

  • Website Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • WordPress
  • Ecommerce
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Product Design
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing Materials
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Software
  • Desktop Software
  • Web Services
  • Automation
  • Database Design, Optimization, Migration
  • Data Analytics & Reporting

How Much Will It Cost?

As they say, time is money. My hourly rate is $65 which isn’t bad for someone with my experience. We can also negotiate a fixed price that fits within in your budget.

You Will Enjoy Working With Me

I have a friendly personality. As a business owner and creative type, I don’t fit the normal mold of most developers. You would enjoy working with me because I try to keep things light and fun even in the toughest situations.

Have a Look Around

There are a number of resources I have provided on the site where you can learn about my career, view my résumé, see featured projects or view the extensive list of projects I have worked on, peruse items in my portfolio, read a few client references, and even check out things I do outside of design and development such as writing novels, creating music, and photography.

Free Consultation

Please contact me if you have a project or idea you would like to discuss. There may be a perfect opportunity to work together and do amazing things!

All the best,

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I would love to hear about any project you have in mind. Please complete the form below and I will be in touch with you as soon as possible.