Book cover with an evil smiling pumpkin and the words Double Crossed Vengeance, a novel by Tony Gray

Double Crossed : Vengeance

by Tony Gray (2024)

The story continues after Justin “JC” Carter and Stenson Beckett became the unlikeliest of friends after almost destroying each other.

Stenson finally gathered the courage to ask his childhood sweetheart to marry him and soon a child was born. Meanwhile, JC  and his friends picked up the pieces from their destroyed Club Empire. Things were looking up for this group of misfits until a greedy businessman kidnapped, stole the ransom, and almost killed another.

When Stenson, Brick, and Luna LeRoux came to their rescue, things turned deadly. This was not a game anymore. They would do everything to right the wrongs no matter how many bodies they left behind. For love and friendship, this will be vengeance!