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Double Crossed: Play the Hand You're Dealt

Stenson Beckett and Justin “JC” Carter did not know each other as children but experienced the trauma no child should face. If not for love and friendships they met along the way as young runaways, their lives would have been tragic. But as fate would have it their paths would soon cross after a fateful mistake of scamming the other. 

From that moment, it was payback and tricky as the two determined win the battle of deceit until there could only be one winner in this battle of wits.

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Upcoming Novels by Tony Gray

Double Crossed: Vengeance

When tragedy strikes Stenson Beckett’s family, his friends and former enemies vow to seek revenge. Nothing will stop them as they travel to all corners of the world to find the perpetrators of this horrendous crime.

The exciting follow-up novel to Double Crossed: Play the Hand You’re Dealt by Tony Gray changes the rules in this deadly game of catch and mouse. For love and honor this is vengeance.

A preview of Vengeance

If you would like to read a preview of the first three chapters of Double Crossed: Vengeance: Click Here

Black - A Romantic Mystery

On the darkest hour of the blackest night they stared into the sky. Secrets so well hidden only night could hear them cry.

Where end meets beginning and miracles are born, Destiny awaits broken hearts battered and forlorn.

When dawn reveals a mighty light and black turns into blue, Passions will soon ignite to see their dreams come true.

About the Author

Tony Gray is the pen name of author Anthony Anthamatten. His first novel Double Crossed: Play the Hand You’re Dealt was released in 2020.

His career spans television, radio, software development, and graphic design. He is also a professional photographer and musician. Tony grew up in Memphis, Tennessee and calls Nashville, Tennessee home today.

Author Tony Gray