A photograph of Anthony Anthamatten hugging twins


I love children. They are so honest and innocent with the kindest hearts. They aren’t jaded by how cruel this world can be sometimes. I’ve always had a kid’s heart even as old as I am. I wrote software for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and met many children and their parents there. It is one of my favorite charities.

I enjoy hanging out with kids and regret I’ve never had any of my own. One of my favorite writers is Shel Silverstein. While he wrote great stuff for Playboy, he also wrote some amazing books for children that I own such as “The Giving Tree” and “Where the Sidewalk Ends”. 

My novels are intended for a mature audience (they curse a lot). But I am working on a book of short stories parents can read to their children at bedtime. I hope it makes kids giggle and say, “Mom or Dad that is so silly!” before their parent kisses them goodnight. 

I will share one of the stories I’ve written about my dogs Blossom and Willard.

Funny Dogs

A short story by Anthony Anthamatten

I got a dog and named Diggy
He looked so fat I called him Piggy
He liked to dance to a groove called Jiggy
He told the other dogs to call him Wiggy-Wiggy

I told that dog he danced like a sillard
So, I changed his name to a dog named Willard

I adopted his sister and named her Blossom
Willard looked at me and said she doesn’t look like a possum

I told him she is smarter than you
You are a bad dancing dog you silly little sillard

Willard said, “She can’t dance!”
Blossom turned around and began to prance.

Willard looked back and said “I’ve got skills too!”
I can flip over a garbage can quicker than you.

He ran over and flipped my can.
Blossom said, “You have to change his name man!”

So now I have a dog named, “The Garbage Man”

© 2022 Anthony Anthamatten

A photograph of Anthony Anthamatten hugging twins
Anthony Anthamatten with twins Jennina and Jessica as children in the Philippines